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Wicomico Restoration LLC

Custom Remodeling & Home Repairs. Kitchens, Baths, Bayrooms, Decks & more!

Wicomico Restoration LLC is a small family owned company. We take on only a few dozen projects a year, with most of them ranging from a day to 2-3 weeks of work. This allows us to maintain the level of quality that we insist upon - a level of quality that most homeowners search for, but are afraid that they'll never find. And don't think that because we have the word "Restoration" in our name, that we only do 100 year old Victorians! We can help you with your 2 year old Rancher, a Cape Cod, a Colonial, a Modern style home, an "A" frame, or even a Log Cabin nestled in the woods.
When we start your project, you'll have one Master Technician assigned to your job, and that person will always be there. Have a question? You'll know who to ask. Need something changed? The person with the authority to do it will always be right there. Unhappy about something? Don't get angry, just let us know - we'll get it sorted out! Referrals are our best source of new customers, and we're out to build our reputation one happy customer at a time. And if you think that all this means that we're going to be too expensive, think again... We don't charge extra just because we take pride in our work.
To accomplish all this we take a new approach to working with customers, and you'll appreciate the difference from the moment you contact us. If by chance you don't get us on your first try, you won't wait a week for a callback. Most calls are returned within a few hours - at the most. And customers have told us that they can set their watch on our punctuality. In our own small way we have set about to revolutionize home repairs. How? By making the whole process as PAINLESS as possible. We know people who have put off repairs for years because they just couldn't face dealing with calling contractors and then waiting days or weeks (even more during hunting season). You can't blame them... there are many fine craftspeople out there, but the truth be told - they are really poor at customer service and communication. But when you work with us you get the best of both - high quality work together with a very satisfying working relationship. Before long you'll be looking around the house trying to find other things that need taking care of, because the worry of "getting it done" will be over with. Give us a try, we'll win you over!
Company History
The founder of Wicomico Restoration, John Lacko, began his career in the early 1970's doing plant maintenance for a large manufacturing company. His daily work spanned carpentry, painting, electrical, welding, pipefitting, general equipment repair, and fleet maintenance. For those who remember that time, industry was going through major changes - and even skilled workers were not immune. In 1980, John moved to get away from the uncertainty of manufacturing to a new career. It was at that time that his focus moved to one based primarily on home remodeling and general repair. And he has been happily and successfully doing that for the last 30 years.
In his private life, John is the holder of two US Patents, and he has also used his eclectic skills to further his other passion - restoring antique motorcycles. Over the decades his collection has included over 90 machines (not all at the same time of course!), with several award winning restorations completed as well. For 10 years he was the Secretary of the Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners ltd, were he came to know people from around the world with similar passions. With the advent of the Internet, John founded a website providing historical reference & research material for all aspects of vintage BMW motorcycles. Over the next decade this site grew to become the largest body of material outside the BMW factory archives. In 2007 John was honored by BMW Mobile Traditions, the historical preservation division of BMW, with the PROF. DR. GERHARD KNÖCHLEIN BMW Mobile Tradition Award - their highest honor - for a lifetime of dedication to preserving BMW heritage.

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