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We can help you with any room in your house, so if you don't need a complete remodel - just some updating or customization, we can do that too.
Please take a few moments to look over the following work that we have completed - perhaps you'll get some interesting ideas for something that you'd like to do!

This banquette was custom built on-site. The rear seat is used as oversize storage for the adjacent kitchen. The longer right side seat (along the kneewall) is used to house the Satellite TV Receiver, the DVD Player, and the Surround Sound system for the Bayroom (located on the other side of the kneewall).


This Mantel and Over Mantel were also completely custom built by us here on-site. Note the classic oversize crown moldings used around the whole room, which tie neatly into the Over Mantel.
This one foot bumpout in the far wall serves two purposes - the bi-fold doors to the right hide the homes electrical panel, while the left side (behind the two photos) provides additional space for the refrigerator in the kitchen on the other side of the wall. This allowed the homeowner to use a 28 cubic foot full-size refrigerator, yet keep the front flush with the cabinets for a built-in look - all at a fraction of the cost of a true built-in refrigerator, and without the compromises of a cabinet-depth unit.
The painting & wallpapering in the home office were also done by Wicomico Restoration LLC.


This platform was built to elevate the gas burning stove.

Down on the floor, the small stove seemed lost in this otherwise expansive room -but our solution solved the problem.

The platform had to be constructed to handle the 200+lb 2" thick slab of bluestone that the stove rests upon - in addition to the weight of the cast iron stove itself.
An 18 foot wall with a small doorway once separated the main portion of the house from the Bayroom. We replaced that with this kneewall. We also relocated the entry to the Bayroom to improve traffic flow, and to make a more dramatic entrance point - with the front door view now flowing through the whole house and out to the bay.
The Surround Sound system in the Bayroom is driven by the components in the banquette (seen earlier). All the stereo system wiring is hidden in the walls, and is channeled down the middle co
lumn into the control center in the banquette.
We installed this arch doorway, and removed the previous framed in door - used to close off the hall from the rest of the house. It was never used, since the guest bathroom was behind it.
Note the raised paneling with oversized baseboard installed throughout the main living area - all constructed on site by Wicomico Restoration LLC. The panel profile & size were specifically selected to match the panels on the doors (also all newly installed by us). This same theme carries through to the custom kitchen, which has the same panel profile on the cabinets.
Wicomico Restoration LLC completed a full remodeling of this Bayroom. New Andersen sliding doors were installed, and the standard 8' ceiling was raised to 12' for an open, airy feeling. To maintain a cottage look, a traditional wooden bead board ceiling was also installed.
All lighting was relocated to suit the planned furniture layout, including a light & fan centered directly over the dining table, and another over the stove & seating area. The fans keep a soft cool breeze moving throughout the room - even on the hottest of days.
Has your builder asked you to think about these things?
The addition of this French Door was just the beginning of a major remodeling of the Sun Porch on the back of this house. Originally there was only a small door on the back wall of this dining room. The lack of any other windows made this room a very dark place most of the time - but now natural light flows in throughout the day.
Here is a view of the completed Sun Room. This started as a screened in concrete porch, really only comfortable a few dozen days of the year - and never very inviting. The screens were removed and the walls framed in to accept sliding glass doors. The concrete slab was covered with a fine Italian porcelain tile. Paint and wallpaper completed the transformation. Once again, all work was performed by Wicomico Restoration.
And finally, an exterior view of the Sun Porch project. It was sided to match the existing house. We removed the original concrete steps, and replaced them with this custom solid Cedar stairway, which blends right in with the peaceful garden setting.
This small home gym was constructed in the lower level of a home. The walls were covered in bead board for the first two feet, and then mirror panels covered the rest of the wall. For ease of maintenance, a one piece linoleum floor was installed.

Just to the side of the home gym, we also installed this small pantry, so that the homeowner could store their bulk supplies and larger, rarely used countertop appliances. A second refrigerator was also located here.

Due to the layout of this room - along with the window placement - this bedroom lacked a single wall that could accommodate the owners bed and two nightstands. To solve the problem, the original bedroom closet was demolished, and we constructed this new one in the opposite corner of the room. Problem solved!
Since it was new, the closet was slightly enlarged, and the single entry door was replaced by this larger bi-fold door. To finish it off, the closet was also fully lined with aromatic cedar - as were all the closets in this house.
In addition to the construction, all painting and wallpapering in this room were also completed by us.

An addition to this home meant that the deck needed to be extended around the full back of the house. We added about 40' of new deck, and then also replaced the deck boards on the existing deck so that everything would match perfectly.

To finish things off, new railings were also installed on all three stairways.

We transformed the original concrete front porch on this house into a wooden porch more fitting of a coastal-style waterfront home. New tapered columns were also installed, replacing the wrought iron pieces that were there.

Note the half-round copper gutters and downspouts - also installed by us. The owner had tracked down a supplier for these items, but had difficulty finding a company that would install them.
Stainless steel fasteners were used throughout, and all copper gutter joints were soldered.

This photo - of the same house as above - was taken just as we pushed the scaffolding away. The copper gutter and downspout were just installed. The salt sea air will quickly turn these new-penny bright gutters into a lovely shade of green.

Using only trim boards, we created the curved garage door opening, which perfectly compliments the arched window on the Clopay garage door. We also installed the decorative support bracket on the front of the garage (seen just to the right of the gutter).

...a little traditional Essex Green paint on the garage doors, and the front of this home is taking on a wonderful new character. Here you can see the front porch remodel we completed, along with all the other details discussed above.

The eyebrow window on the house was also fabricated on-site by us a few months earlier - before the new roof was installed - and ties in nicely with the arched garage door windows & openings. We covered the eyebrow dormer with sheet copper to match the gutters.
We also installed the cupola & weathervane (purchased by the owner) on the garage.
We hope that you found some interesting design ideas on these pages, and that you also have a better idea about the services & level of quality that we offer. Don't hesitate to contact us if there is anything that we can help you with in your own home!

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