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Listed below you'll find an overview of how we prefer to work together with our customers. We don't believe in surprises & most people don't appreciate them either, so the best way to avoid them is to clearly communicate all needs and expectations.


Start Times

When you hire us on, we will give you an estimated starting day for your work. We will also confirm this 2-3 days in advance. If you should need to change this start day, just let us know as soon as you are aware of the need, and we can probably shift things around to accommodate you. Should we be running behind on the job just before yours, we'll let you know as soon as possible. At most a delay of another day or two is possible - sometimes just a half day. Usually it's because some type of hidden damage was discovered (termite damage, etc.) that caused the previous job to run longer than planned. If a particular start day is critical for you (for example, you're only in town for a few days) just let us know in advance.


Your Project

Once we start your project, it is our main priority, and we will stay on the job until it's done. Should there be a delay in receiving some critical supplies (for example, kitchen cabinets come in, but one was damaged in transit) we will try to work around it, or if necessary we will coordinate a short pause in the work to return when the supplies are in. We don't like to do this any more than you do, but sometimes things happen that we can't plan for. For the most part, with jobs of this type we prefer to wait until we have everything we need on hand before we start, to make sure that there are no delays - and this will all be factored into the agreed start date. For smaller projects these delays are  usually not a factor.



For most medium to large projects, we ask for a 20% good-faith deposit on the work we are to perform, due on or before the day we start. All custom items like Windows, Doors, Tiles, etc. must also be paid for in full to begin work. This is because these items generally need to be ordered in advance, and they cannot be cancelled or returned.

Full payment of the balance is expected at the completion of the work. To keep expenses down, we don't do billing or carry balances or take partial payments. We never accept post-dated checks. If funding is a limiting factor, please work with your Bank Loan Officer in advance to establish a line of credit for the work that you're thinking about.

Larger Projects such as Kitchen or Bath Remodels may have a mid-point payment due, and if so this will be negotiated with the homeowner and clearly indicated in the agreement.

Additional Work

We're always happy when our customers love our work so much that they find other things that they'd like us to do! But please don't be insulted if we need to arrange to come back a second time to handle these new projects. Our Parents brought us up to show up on time - as promised - and that's what our next customer is expecting too. So as a courtesy to all, please understand that "while you are here" new projects may not be possible while we are there. Rest assured that we'll be happy to get them done for you however!


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